Our project department offers investors, developers, and operators support in the professional development, planning, and installation.

Our consulting services first ensure the selection of appropriate components and location factors for the optimum functioning of the solar system and the highest-possible yields



To maximize yields from the solar system and thereby guarantee its economic efficiency, a precise analysis of location conditions is essential.

In addition to the right location, criteria relating to the premises must be taken into account for optimized system planning. The most important of these criteria include the nature of the roof or the ground as well as the orientation of the modules towards the south.

Egymec design department equipped with latest advanced instrument and design software


Egymec, is your service provider for solar power plant projects, Approval before the start of construction work, approval to erect a solar system must be obtained.

Numerous documents such as detail working drawing, wiring diagram, yield forecasts, surveys for yield, foundation soil and statics must be submitted in this process.



As soon as the planning and development phase is completed and all required approvals have been obtained.

Egymec carries out the installation work and executes the project both for the owner and on behalf of third parties such as investors.

Egymec also carries out subprojects, for example the supply and installation of mounting system.


Solar systems are exposed to the elements over many decades.

To minimize maintenance and downtime periods and maximize yields, Egymec prefers proven and certified products from well-known manufacturers.

During operation, comprehensive monitoring and quick response times if service is required ensure a short pay-back time.

Egymec makes exclusive use of high-quality solar modules and inverters which offer strong guarantees and, with their high efficiency, ensure high yields for the long-term.

As a rule, bank-approved high-class solar system equipment are used.